Who we are


Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. was established in 1995 by a team of specialists and technicians working across gas and water distribution networks and operating with companies or directly in site yards located throughout the European territory. Over the years, Duty Cycle Company has gathered skillful people having increased their own experience in the design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of polyethylene pipes and fittings, electrofusion welding boxes and tools.

Operating a policy of continuous improvement, Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. offers to the market products and services for the operators involved in the construction, maintenance and emergency applications in gas and water networks.

In addition, Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. provides company regulations and special indications for the training of operators at any level and to purchase, contract, supply of PE pipes and fittings, electrofusion accessories and valves, electrofusion welding boxes and tools for welding applications, with a range of proposals complying with the requirements of the most demanding companies ….. all of this always in the respect of quality and safety in all its aspects.

Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. is supported in this job by subsidiaries and affiliated companies and cooperate with the important suppliers at international level.

Duty Cycle Company S.p.A. currently gathers among its customers the biggest Italian and European companies operating in the gas/water distribution networks.