HPS 25


 hps 25

Submersible open impeller water pump with hydraulic motor.


 Operating pressure max 150 bar
 Flow min/max 15 ÷ 34 l/min
 Optimal flow 30 l/min
 Water head (pressure) 45 m (4,5 bar)
 Water flow 1600 ÷ 34 l/min.
 Pumpable solid dimensions 12 mm
 Discharge hose size 2.1/2" NPT-UNI 70-female
 Dimensions/Weight 300 x 300  / 9,5 Kg


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  • Suitable to use with tick muddy waters

  • Ideal to dry up basements and manholes as it  leaves only 1,5 cm of water (with the special accessory grill)

  • No problem in case of dry run conditions

  • Invulnerable to the block  rotation and to sudden stops of the output flow

  • Impeller supported by special heavy duty ball bearings

  • Pumping chamber can be open for maintenance in few seconds for cleaning and inspection